Seeking 'Forever' Home for 

Crazy AI' Dog

...An Animated Feature


Pooch  Synopsis

Alfie, that kid on the motorcycle in the picture above,  he can't have a real dog. His Mom has allergies. So, his Dad, a crazy inventor who keeps blowing up the house, makes him a dog...  an AI dog  ...Pooch. But, when I say Pooch is not 'normal' I don't mean because he's an AI. No, I mean because he is completely out of his mind, certifiably deranged. Pooch can seem real cute, but he has a lot of Gremlin about him. He can be quite grouchy and curses under his breath constantly. It's his bumbling chaos that gets Alfie in so much trouble.

I mean, look at that picture up there. Alfie is just a bookish 10 year old kid. Sure, he'd love to be an explorer or an astronaut, but he gets travel sick, nose bleeds, and he's afraid of heights...and the dark.  And yet, today, he has destroyed half the town square and escaped from the cops on the back of a motorcycle!


Well, it was Pooch who put him up to all that...mostly.


But wait, I'm getting ahead of


Alfie had been begging his folks for a dog. He didn't fit in very well with the other kids. So, when Pooch arrived Alfie was over the moon, he'd have a buddy at last. They went off for a walk in the forest to do some bonding.

But,  Pooch is not the only thing Alfie's Dad has invented. He's also invented a perpetual motion machine. For real!  And while Alfie and Pooch are out for their walk in the woods, Nudnuk and Shnoot, the two bumbling idiots pictured below, from the "Yabutski People's Front," steal the machine and kidnap his Mom and Pop! 

So, now Alfie and Pooch have to rescue their folks, get the girl, save the world from economic collapse, save Christmas and stop The Dark One from entering this earthly realm. I didn't mention The Dark One? Oh well, there's a Dark One.

Production development has already begun.  We are looking for investors/partners.  You can watch some rough scene work-ups, early scene sketches and read some more info by clicking here: 

Below are some higher resolution frames from the film that give a better idea how the film will look with proper light, more design work, widescreen, etc. The design and character modelling is still very much a work in progress, but hopefully you can begin to see where the film is headed.


It is two minutes to midnight. Becky, Alfie and Pooch have to ring the church bells and turn on the town Christmas tree lights before the clock strikes twelve or Christmas will be gone forever!