Why Pooch?

The short answer, it's about the potential of the overall IP. I'm a professional writer/filmmaker. I'm often engaged to cast a critical eye over potential projects for Producers. So, while looking for the next project I would work on, I already had a firm criteria: I had to love the story and the characters and feel like the story was really worth telling. It had to be a story I felt would appeal to a broad audience and thus be commercially viable.  But, most importantly, it also had to have strong franchise potential, Pooch II, Pooch III, etc, merchandising opportunities and the possibility for an eventual TV series, etc, all to mitigate the initial risk of developing the material.


And who am I...exactly?

My name is Pete McGrain. I wrote and Directed Ethos for Woody Harrelson, so I'm easy to find on the internet and IMDB, etc. I'm an independent filmmaker/writer/director and have Produced and shot hundreds of hours of film media, from corporate promos to music videos to documentaries. For the past 4 years I've primarily been writing and developing story and writing spec screenplays for some of LA's top Producers. But I am always waiting for that 'moment of inspiration' to arrive, that one project that really catches my attention that I really want to see realized.  Pooch is certainly that one project.


My first passion and priority is 'story.' The stories I read and listened to growing up helped me understand what it is to be human; our fears and foibles, our weaknesses, our blustering stupidity and our courage, our sense of honor, ethics and passions. I am also keenly aware that films have to pay for themselves, but have always thought great stories, told well, would take care of that.